Bad experiences with UOB bank

Super duper disappointed on UOB bank. I did share a post on how to earn more cash rebate by using UOB One Account and One Card. I am going to share my experiences and explain why it was a real letdown.

I applied the UOB One card and received it on 15th November 2019. As shared by many people and UOB official page, the UOB One Card cashback is based on the statement date and not the calendar date. So, once I received the card I had called UOB to update my statement date to 1st of the month. The officer confirmed with me in the call that it will take effect on 2nd December (I did asked in the call why not 1st of the month? She said can only be 2nd of the month, and since it is just one day different so I didn’t further clarify on that).

Then I started to spend $500 instead, more than $500 to play safe. And then I spend another $800 on 5th December, because I was thought that my cycle would be from 12th November to 1st December, 2nd December to 1st Jan and 2nd Jan to 1st Feb.

However, I received my credit card statement someday around 15th December and the statement date clearly stated was 12 DEC 2019, and payment due date was on 02 Jan 2020.

I spent a total of $1.5k in the first month. (you see the total amount due is $894.39 because I already make the $587.59 payment on 20 November)

I using the SMS live chat link to contact UOB to clarify, the officer told me the statement date will only take effect on January 2020 instead of December. Which mean my planning to spend $500 for 3 consecutive months have been mess out. It could be my own problem that I should clarify even further on the quarter cycle month and date instead of making any assumption.

The UOB officer reassures me that he will help me appeal so I can get pro-rated cashback and this is only for the first quarter. And the UOB officer once again confirms to me that my first quarter is Nov, Dec and Jan. This also makes me very confusing. So is like from 13/10 to 12/11 (NOV), 13/11 to 12/12 (DEC) and 13/12 to 2/1 (JAN).

Until the day of 2n Jan, I received the card cashback, it is $0.42. So, once again I clarify with UOB using SMS live chat link to confirm is this cash rebate is the final amount and if not why it is not $33.34

This officer told me a different story as she said I am not qualified due to my Jan spending is only $200. I am very confusing, why the officer explained to me a different understanding.

Thereafter, I decided to give up UOB One card because you know what I was being charged $100 for late payment! WHAT??? Are you trying to tell me your bank GIRO system is outdated? I couldn’t screenshot the late charges transaction because I cancelled the UOB One card.

I am curious why I was being charged $100 for late payment, in my DEC statement, the payment method clearly stated GIRO payment. And from my UOB Account statement, it is clearly stated $894.39 being deducted on 31 DEC

I am not trying to say UOB account and one card is a bad product, but just take note on the statement date and quarterly cycle.

So, I cancelled UOB Once card and will close the UOB One account after 6 months to avoid early closure fee. I am looking for other saving accounts, beside OCBC 365. If you have any recommendation, do comment below to share with me!