How to buy an HDB resale flat on your own. Part 2

Let’s continue from the previous post “How to buy an HDB resale flat on your own. Part 1“. After you had exercised the OTP, your seller’s representative agent and you can agreed on a date to submit the resale application through HDB Resale Portal. This is because whoever submit the application first, the other party has to submit their portion within 7 days.

What informations do I need during the resale application?

  1. OTP serial number, OTP grant date and OTP exercise date. All this information can be gotten from your OTP.
  2. Your seller full name and NRIC.
  3. Your permit entry date and expiry date (only applicable to PR)
  4. HLE reference number.
  5. Decide whether you want to engage HDB solicitor or not.
  6. Decide the manner of holding this house whether it is a joint tenancy, sole owner or by percentage.
  7. Decide how much share(%) of monthly instalment payable by CPF for both of you.
  8. Decide how much to reserve in your CPF OA.
  9. Which grants to apply. If you are applying for a proximity housing grant, please prepare your father and mother full name and NRIC.

What documents do I need to submit during the resale application?

  1. 3 months payslips for both you and your spouse.
  2. CPF Contribution History
  3. Identity card of your father and mother if you applying for a proximity housing grant.
  4. Birth certification
  5. Marriage certification of parents.
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HDB Resale Application

Last but not least, prepare debit/credit card to pay $80 dollar if you buying 3 room and bigger.

Do I need to show marriage certification during the resale application or key collection?

Now, some may be confusing if you and your spouse are not yet gotten the marriage certification. And during the resale application or key collection, whether you need to provide any evidence to show the marriage status. The answer is NO. During the collection key, you no need to show marriage evidence as well. You can submit your marriage certification within 3 months after you collect your key. But for certain case, you can defer it and then you need to provide evidence to show that you and your spouse are going to marry soon.

One you submitted, the HDB will take less than 10 working days (my case took 3 days) to verify the documents and SMS/Email both parties the results. After the HDB accepted your application, you can just sit back and wait for the document endorsement.